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Dr. Timothy Paul Jones Accepts Seminary Post

June 2007. Nappaland Literary Agency is pleased to announce that bestselling and award-winning author, Dr. Timothy Paul Jones, has accepted an appointment as a professor of leadership and church ministry at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.

Dr. Jones is a popular theologian, pastor, and author of several Christian Living and Cultural Concern books, including the recent CBA “Top 50” bestseller The Da Vinci Codebreaker (with James Garlow), Finding God in a Galaxy Far, Far, Away, and Misquoting Truth, the highly anticipated response to the errors of Bart Erhman’s Misquoting Jesus (releasing July 07).

"The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary is one of the flagship schools of contemporary conservative-evangelical scholarship,” says Dr. Jones. “As such, I am honored to have been asked to become part of the faculty of this seminary. I will be serving in the School of Leadership and Church Ministry, where I will have the privilege of contributing---through teaching, research, and writing---to the spiritual formation of ministers and churches throughout the world."

"In taking this position, I will be leaving the finest congregation of believers that I have ever served, the people of First Baptist Church of Rolling Hills in Tulsa, Oklahoma. What God has taught me through these people is part of what will now enable me to teach others. And so, though I will no longer have the privilege of serving as this congregation's pastor, their legacy and their influence will move beyond Oklahoma to shape Christian leadership around the world."


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