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Charles W. Colson Lauds Dr. Timothy Paul Jones on BreakPoint

October, 2008. Legendary Christian leader, Charles W. Colson publicly lauded Dr. Timothy Paul Jones on his BreakPoint radio show and web site this month.

In an October 10 commentary titled "Names You Need to Know," Colson identified four people he called "outstanding Christian apologists leading the charge against the New Atheists." They are: Ravi Zacharias, Alister McGrath, Timothy Paul Jones, and Dinesh D'Souza.

Commenting on Dr. Jones' book, MISQUOTING TRUTH (which, coincidentally has a foreword written by Dinesh D'Souza), Colson said, "In contrast to [Bart] Ehrman, who argues that the Bible is full of changes and mistakes, Jones provides a serious, thorough examination of how the Scripture was compiled and passed down to us over the years, and why we can trust it."

When he heard of Colson's ringing, and unexpected, endorsement, Dr. Jones was both humbled and grateful for the vote of confidence. He said, "For decades, Charles Colson has been a consistent voice in the public square, contending for a biblical worldview on issues ranging from prison reform to epistemology. I am delighted that such a respected Christian leader has taken the time to recommend my defense of the historical reliability of the Gospels."

MISQUOTING TRUTH released in 2007 from InterVarsity Press and has been a consistent category bestseller on ever since. It is available in stores wherever books are sold, and on the Internet at,, and other online booksellers.

Dr. Jones' most recent book is CONSPIRACIES AND THE CROSS (Front Line / Strang), in which he takes a hard look at the currently popular, so-called "conspiracies" surrounding Jesus and the Christian faith. This book is also available online and in stores everywhere.

To read the full transcript of Charles Colson's BreakPoint commentary, please access it on the web at:


Charles W. Colson is the bestselling author of classic Christian works like KINGDOMS IN CONFLICT, THE BODY, and recent bestsellers like THE FAITH. He is also founder of Prison Fellowship and a former White House staffer under President Nixon.

Dr. Timothy Paul Jones is a noted theologian and bestselling and award-winning author of many books, including MISQUOTING TRUTH (InterVarsity Press), CONSPIRACIES AND THE CROSS (Front Line/Strang), THE DA VINCI CODEBREAKER (Bethany House) and FINDING GOD IN A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY (Multnomah). A former pastor, he currently serves as professor of Leadership and Church Ministry at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.


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