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September, 2006. Nappaland Literary Agency is pleased to announce the addition of several gifted new authors to its roster of writing talent. Effective immediately, the following people have committed to literary representation deals with Nappaland:
• DR. TIMOTHY PAUL JONES – Popular theologian, pastor, and author of Christian Living and Cultural Concern books, including the recent CBA bestseller The Da Vinci Codebreaker (with James Garlow), and Finding God in a Galaxy Far, Far, Away.
• ANDREW SNADEN - Popular author of women’s fiction and romantic suspense novels, including Flames of Deceit, Betrayed, and the upcoming non-fiction title, When God Met a Girl.
• SHARON CARTER ROGERS – Up-and-coming author of suspense/thriller novels, including Sinner and Unpretty.
Nappaland Literary Agency is a division Nappaland Communications Inc. Since its inception in 1995, Nappaland has quietly represented a small stable of talented and successful CBA authors, including:

• Mike Nappa (CBA bestselling and award-winning author),
• Amy Nappa (CBA bestselling and award-winning author),
• Dr. Norm Wakefield (seminary professor and popular author of Christian Living and Family titles, including The Dad Difference with Josh McDowell),
• Jody Brolsma (popular author of Women’s books and ministry resources; also a Gold Medallion finalist), and
• Jefferson Scott (popular suspense novelist).

“Here at Nappaland we’ve purposely declined adding new authors to our roster over the last several years,” says the company’s founder and senior literary agent, Mike Nappa. “But the climate in publishing has changed to the point that we now feel it’s time for someone to take the lead in proclaiming a new vision for our industry. These authors will help us to do just that.”

Mr. Nappa has been a publishing professional since 1989. During that time, he has served in editorial acquisitions for three Christian publishing houses, as well as in various other roles within the industry.
“I personally am tired of seeing lackluster manuscripts and worn-out ideas being promoted as the best that publishing has to offer,” Nappa says while standing firmly atop his soapbox. “When those kinds of high-platform, low-substance books populate our bestseller lists, they present a negative image of our industry.

“That’s why at Nappaland Literary we’re determined to represent only skilled writers who can deliver high-quality books that are: Authentic. Relevant. Eternal.
“We want legitimate authors who are striving to create works of art on a page – not mere ‘personalities’ who need a ghostwriter to lend quality to their efforts. We believe that there is a new generation of book buyers who deserve better than what they are getting from our industry right now, and that they will make the Nappaland style of books the future bestsellers. Our publishing experience and market analysis tell us that this is already beginning to happen in the undercurrents of publishing. And (God willing) we expect these kinds of books to make a real difference in people’s lives today, tomorrow, 100 years from now, and on into eternity.
“We look forward to continuing our partnerships with fine publishers to bring into reality this vision for our current generation.”


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