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Lights! Camera! Boomer! Releases

June 2011. Nappaland Literary Agency, in conjunction with Group Publishing, is pleased to announce the release of Lights! Camera! Boomer! by veteran children's author, Tim Wesemann.

A spinoff from Group's bestselling Panda-Mania VBS, Lights! Camera! Boomer! features the VBS Bible Buddy, Boomer--a lovable misfit of a panda for whom the VBS is named.

When Boomer gets chosen for a Hollywood movie role, he learns a valuable (and funny) lesson about the importance of loving yourself as God made you. Lights! Camera! Boomer! is one of the inaugural picture books in the exciting new Bible Memory Buddy series for kids, and it features a family-friendly price of only $5.99.

 Lights! Camera! Boomer! by Tim Wesemann

Lights! Camera! Boomer! is written by popular author, Tim Wesemann, and illustrated by David Harrington.

Learn more about Boomer and his friends in the Bible Memory Buddy series at:

Lights! Camera! Boomer!

Lights! Camera! Boomer! by Tim Wesemann (Group Publishing)