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Johnny Grav & The Visioneer® Flies Away with Screenplay Award

June 2007. Nappaland Literary Agency is pleased to announce that the cartoon screenplay adaptation of Johnny Grav & The Visioneer: Twilight Rising has won the “Best TV Pilot” award in the 2007 Faith and Values Screenwriting Competition!

The screenplay is for a half-hour, animated kid-superhero story and is based on the award-winning serialized children’s comic of the same name that first ran in Clubhouse magazine. It was authored by children’s writer, Mike Nappa, and novelist, Jefferson Scott.
As part of the prize for winning this competition, the authors will share a cash prize, placement in an issue of the Hollywood Bugle, and the attention of producers at several film studios including Fox Faith, Revolution Media, Impact Productions and more.
“Jeff and I couldn’t be more pleased to see this pilot episode win this award – especially in the face of all the other strong scripts vying for the judges’ attention. It’s both gratifying and humbling, and we look forward to whatever may happen next for Johnny Grav & The Visioneer.”


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Johnny Grav & The Visioneer

Johnny Grav & The Visioneer