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Nappaland Cartoon Screenplay Named a Finalist in Competition

May 2007.

Nappaland Literary Agency is pleased to announce that the cartoon screenplay adaptation of Johnny Grav & The Visioneer: Twilight Rising has been named a finalist in the “Best TV Pilot” category of the 2007 Faith and Values Screenwriting Competition.
Created by the fertile imagination of award-winning children’ writer, Mike Nappa, Johnny Grav and the Visioneer first came to life in January 2000 in the pages of Clubhouse magazine, where their story ran as a serialized comic for three years. Generally considered to be one of the most popular magazines for Christian kids (ages 8 to 12), Clubhouse reaches over 100,000 subscriber families every month. In February of this year, JG and Viz (as they are affectionately known) also made a return appearance on the cover of Clubhouse to help that magazine celebrate its 20th anniversary in publication.
“Clubhouse kids still love Johnny,” says Clubhouse editor, Jesse Florea. “JG & Viz is still the most popular comic we’ve ever done!”
Mike Nappa collaborated with screenwriter and critically-acclaimed suspense novelist, Jefferson Scott, to adapt the “Twilight Rising” story arc from Clubhouse magazine to create the 30-minute TV pilot episode, Johnny Grav & The Visioneer: Twilight Rising. That episode has now been named a finalist in the 2007 Faith and Values Screenwriting Competition.
“It’s gratifying to know that people still enjoy this comic and its characters,” says Nappa. “I’m glad that Johnny and The Viz were included on this shortlist of excellent finalists for the ‘Best TV Pilot’ category of this award.”


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Johnny Grav & The Visioneer

Johnny Grav & The Visioneer